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Administration’s Message

We pledge to keep education alive by meeting the comprehensive avenues of morality, knowledge, awareness and civil values amalgamated as a muse to inspire the young individuals to instill the Deriguer probity to survive honorably in a society. We profess it as our onus to provide an ambiance affluent in academic and ethical standards that can enable the students to thrive progressively and exude a spunky, articulate and well versed disposition to brace professional and social challenges with fortitude and rationality. We aspire to avail the incipient years of a child’s life where the absorbent mind effortlessly and incessantly imbibes the provisions disseminated by the adults in the child’s life thereby an ethereal nurture is what we prioritize for optimal accomplishments of each child synchronous to information and subjective aptitude. Developing regard for humanity and co-existence with rectitude ought to be elevated during the fundamental years in order to incorporate academic acquisitions practically to percolate civility and harmonize the surroundings we live in as the core relevance of education.We urge all our affiliates to synergize and succor us to obtain our ingenuous aim in favour of a literate and heedful milieu.


Online sessions for pre-primary and primary classes will commence from 18th August 2020, Tuesday. Parents should refer the provided standard operating procedure for virtual sessions. Online sessions for the new enrollees (Reception) will begin from September, 2020.

An Overview to Explore

Master Trainers’ is a primary school based on the Cambridge curriculum. The methods followed by the pedagogic staff and teachers are based on the students’ holistic requisites and interests. The curriculum mainly focuses on linguistic and mental development of the toddlers and primary pupils. Our pivotal motto is to build the character of the naïve minds and to instill moralistic values in them, synchronous to academic development and environmental awareness hence we have carefully designed our curriculum to contribute in the education field, with the conviction to be a benefactor towards the overall well-being of each individual student.

The Environment

is designed, physically to endorse holistic improvement, it consists of well-ventilated, stimulating rooms designed to analogize their domestic comforts and ambience to enable the students have a convenient adjustment. A fully carpeted surrounding is provided to enhance comfort and viability of using any area for activity in compliance with the student’s inclination.  Toys, Montessori material, educational aid and pertinent accessories are at the accessibility of the students to direct them towards habituality of cautious usage and finesse.

The most prominent feature apart from the physical environment is the academic advantage of a literal English oriented surrounding where every member communicates in the medium strictly.

The Faculty and Entourage

The administration works effectively with unanimous undertakings of the administrator, principal and the associate administrator who are responsible for assuring the security in the environment, conserving discipline precisely and

supervising the subtlest activity in the institution. They are readily accessible for mediation with the guardians of the pupils provided the administrative principles are abided. The administrator and principal being certified educationists possessing missionary education and holding international qualification in the respective field.

Teachers and associate teachers are well spoken in English Language, agile and gentle in demeanour  to nurture the young learners with mutual amenability rather than authoritative approaches. All teachers are trained professionals selected by the administration after qualifying from the institution’s adult learning centre for ladies hence are adroit at implementing academic modes in contiguity with the international standard of education.

Online Learning made Possible

The recent pandemic outbreak that has led us to circumstantial instability is now revealing social, economic and, precedently, educational repercussions across the globe, especially in our country.

It has, thereby, become a mandatory feature to cogitate how to combat these formidable challenges to prevent further educational loss.

As educationists, we have decided to resume the academic operations through virtual learning tentatively using our school’s website as a useful tool in these circumstances. It is an aid that shall aid us to sustain hope in the guise of education during this cataclysmic situation.

The online mode of educating the learners is designed by our school with a vision to continue teaching learning process in the absence of a concrete classroom. Our motto is to keep the education alive, to navigate through the pupils’ minds and souls with the help of distance learning.

We aim to serve the learners to quench their thirst of knowledge and make them realize the worth of a drop, when the oceans are facing drought.

Our digital classroom manifesto is a productive alternative to substitute classroom learning and it shall surely spread its illuminating rays through well strategized strategies, passionate participation, aligned innovation and inclined willingness to promote education at its best through this platform.

We resolve to end this phase of fear by letting the education stretch its wings far to eliminate the destructive, anomalous elements from our society.


The purpose, we endeavour to achieve is to develop the intelligence and intellect of the students and to make sure to accomplish a level of aptitude with parity according to the respective grades. Substantive attention is fostered to educate the children socially, promoting mannerisms, culture and etiquettes in day to day instances. Nurturing their naïve minds with ethics and religious doctrines and references. We embolden their faculties to enable them combat foibles and diffidence to make them adroit at being articulate, decorous and impressive in every undertaking and interaction.

Disciplines and Strategy