F.E.P. (Functional English Programme)

Functional English programme is a vocational programme organized for the ladies (females) to improve their interpersonal skills and enable them to communicate in English with confidence and fluency. It also helps the learners to expand their creative acumen and cognition.

Exclusive verbal exercises and practices are conducted to educe the potential of each student and serve as an impetus to intone statements, questions, remarks, compliments, descriptions and dialogue deliverance by which the participants gradually develop the credibility to express themselves in English and alongside are exposed to application of miscellaneous words.

Techniques and clues to empower grammatical proficiency are unfolded so that the participants retain and acquire independence at practising and can self-tutelage too.

The programme doesn’t only cater to improvement of verbal English but also exhaustively influences the personal grooming for a better disposition and urbane social conduct.

Staples of the programme include

Cross interaction,  tautology,  derivation,  translation, connectivity/relativity of statements,  transposition,  supposed questions  and purported scenes for dialogue practice.