Facts that cannot be overlooked or changed!

a) Classroom learning with the physical presence of the child in the school premises is not possible therefore we educationists are compelled to compromise with the virtual learning to maintain the survival of education.

b) Virtual classrooms are accessed through electronic equipment hence an abrupt power outage can be an interruption during the class.

c) As mentioned above, that the entire process of online learning is dependent on mechanical equipments hence there can be unexpected interruption as devices can malfunction unpredictably.

d) Your child is in constant contact with the radio waves emitting from the screen, while online.

e) The online learning process will bring unusual changes in the child’s routine hence it will disturb the psyche and the temperament of the child.

f) [Especially the mother], the parent has to be familiar with the method of operating the device else, the child will be unable to attend the classes.

Responsibility of the parents

  1. Making the child ready for a virtual school, steps to be followed for making the child ready
  2. The parent should be alert one hour before the class starts.
  3. The parent should make the child ready as per the regular routine.
  4. A light snack should be given to the child before the class timings.
  5. The mother should be active and should develop an understanding with the teacher to make the child enthusiastic and little mobile.
  6. Make the child wear the uniform to give honour to education/the school is reaching to you/ accessing you.
  7. The parent has to make sure that the child is well adjusted in the environment and should not be distracted.
  8. Only the mother has to supervise and be present there with the child.
  9. The mother should be available and stay with the child.
  10. The sleeping routine of the child should be adjusted according to the class timings. The child’s usual routine should be maintained from the school-routine perspective and the interval between both sessions can be an extended recess or break.
  11. The needed academic material/books should be ready and kept beside the child in accordance with the time table or coordinated/appraised instruction.
  12. Reinforcement of the task conducted in the virtual classroom should be done.
  13. The child should not be taught the etiquette of handling a gadget and should be allowed to touch the device or its affiliated equipment.
  14. The parent has to maintain coordination and consensus with the school’s office.
  15. The parent has not to delay/postpone the time given for the submission/collection of the work.
  16. The parents have to make the child do the homework in accordance with the instructions given by the school or given by means of the message diary.
  17. The handouts/documents should be inserted in the academic folder, the day they are given.
  18. Exercise/text books/ should be kept safely and returned in time.
  19. Parents should make the child revise work regularly from the academic folder or documents provided.
  20. Some worksheets or academic material may be given as entrustment to the parent to present it in the online session for classwork. The parent should follow instructions and guidelines carefully and should be well oriented with the task that is given as a home assignment and task that is entrusted to present for class assignment when online.



The first two weeks of the virtual classes shall be the trial and the error weeks so that all the participants become habitual of it gradually and whether the parents or teachers, all become habitual with the practice and niceties of digital work.

These two weeks shall be ‘the period of insight’ for all participants because during these weeks each individual will be exposed to certain technical mistakes and technical learning for correction. It will be exploring for the better, to notice, learn and practice many hidden tools, ideas and features which will further standardize the virtual learning [through audio and video control/balance] of the child in these circumstances.

  1. The new session [virtual classes] shall begin from 18th of August 2020, Tuesday.
  2. The first 2 weeks shall be taken as ‘trial and error weeks’  to settle down the routine of the children.
  3. The parent has to begin the academic day an hour before the timings mentioned, the child needs to be ready
  4. for the sessions before hand, the section of ‘the responsibilities of the parent’ and  ‘environmental requisites’ shall be referred.
  5. The first two days of the online classes shall be an orientation for the mothers where they will learn the procedure of attending the class desirably.
  6. Each class shall be conducted, online from Monday to Thursday. No class shall not be conducted on Friday.
  7. Each class will have 2 sessions each day [from Monday to Thursday].
  8. Pre-primary and Primary levels will conduct their online classes as per the timings mentioned:

PRE-PRIMARY SESSION 1:   Shall begin at 8:30 am , shall end at 10:00 am

PRE-PRIMARY SESSION 2:   Shall begin at 1:00 pm, shall end at 2:00 pm

PRIMARY SESSION 1:    Shall begin at  10:30 am, shall end at  12:30 pm

PRIMARY SESSION 2:    Shall begin at  2:00 pm, shall end at   3:30 pm

  1. Friday will be needed for the preparation of the weekly home assignments and rendering tutorial sessions to the children who are academically weak.
  2. Saturday shall be allocated to the academic coordinator to conduct a short session of ‘interaction and conceptual exchange’ with each class to be able to judge the students’ cognition and retention and the performance of the teachers. The academic coordinator will be providing the schedule of the respective sessions through notification during the ‘tutorial session’ that will be held in the second week of August 2020.
  3. The parents will have to visit the school every Saturday to collect the set of home assignments for their child/children and submit the previous set of home assignments as per the notification. Pre-primary parents and Primary parents will be called at different timings.
  4. The exercise books and message diaries will be termed as ‘note books set 1’ and   ‘notebooks set 2’.  This year, obverse to the usual practice the school will be providing two exercise books of each subject and two message diaries at the beginning of the session only, in favour of our objective to manipulate positively for practice and checking of academic and subjective work without any interruption. Parents have to visit the school every Saturday [according to the timings notified] to collect one notebook set and submit the other. Example: If the parent is submitting notebook set 1, he/she will collect notebook set 2 of the child. The next Saturday he/she will submit notebook set 2 and collect notebook set 1.
  5. Parents should be available online 10 minutes before each session because everyday, adjustments with devices, environmental synchronization and streamlining connectivity may take some time.
  6. A formal weekly schedule for each class shall be provided to the parents in the second week of  August when they will visit the school for the online tutorial
  7. The parents have to abide by the above mentioned schedule strictly hence they, especially the mother shall need to adjust her routine  flexibly according to it so that  the online classes are attended  conveniently without any halt or irregularity.
  8. It is compulsory for the child to attend both the sessions. The students’ attendance will be marked for attending both sessions. If a student will attend 1 session and not the other he or she will be marked absent.
  9. MANDATORY: The parents should submit the subscribed text books for the new session on the day  when they come for the tutorial session. The complete set of the child’s text book should be submitted according to the  booklist given by the school.
  10. A prioritized syllabus will be followed and only mandatory notions and subjects will be focused during the 2 and a half and 3 and a half hour session, for pre-primary and primary respectively, split in two sessions each.
  11. In wake of this pandemic we have to consort with online sessions for pupils but all objectives, academic facilities and cognitive advantages cannot be accessed in a virtual classroom. In order to attain progressive results selective study will be applied. Those notions and topics will be tutored which are fundamental for matching the level of the class but can’t be that meticulous as our usual methodology was.
  12. Parents should keep the academic coordinator informed about the practices and performance of the teacher in the virtual classes although the academic coordinator shall be present during the sessions but parental cooperation shall be needed during this phase of pandemic, to elevate the standard and to attain productive results from this virtual mode of education because the Academic coordinator would physically monitor all classes and conduct each and every class daily during the former traditional schooling system but during the conduction of online sessions, the duration and regularity of her presence in each class may vary.
  13. If the need arises supplementary sessions may be organized online, analogous to the extra classes we used to conduct during the good traditional working days, for students with academic difficulties.


Operative information

1. The mother should switch on the device 15 minutes before the class starts and should check the equipment software etc, whether everything is working properly.

2. How to join the session
Step 1: The parent must have his/her own email ID; whether on gmail, yahoo or hotmail.

Step 2: Open a web browser which is updated, (Google chrome, Torch, Opera or Firefox), in the address bar above, type www.mastertrainers.com.pk. and press the enter key on the keyboard

Step 3: Once the school’s website is loaded (opened) you can see the home page, which is yet under updation. Don’t get confused or doubtful. You have to create your account here (which actually will be your child’s account, under your substitution.

Step 4: On the webpage of the school, you will notice the caption ‘SIGN UP’ click this caption.

Step 5: After clicking SIGN UP, a new page will appear on your screen with 2 tables; one in blue, under the title ‘Login’ and the other in grey colour under the title ‘sign up’.

Step 6: You have to fill information by typing in the grey table under the title ‘sign up’

Step 7: On the grey table under ‘sign up’ you have to type the full name of your child/children, under ‘LOGIN’ (the students’ name is essential to appear in ‘login’ as this will become the username of your child and will avoid confusion and enable you and your child be identified. Make sure the surname/father’s name is typed as well. For example LOGIN

Step 8: On the same grey table, the next title is ‘EMAIL’, under this title you have to attentively type your email ID. (If you have more than 1 email address and more than 1 child as our student, you may create different accounts for different children)

Step 9: On the same grey table, the next title is ‘PASSWORD’ , you can choose any password [that means a word which only you know and enter it as a confidential code to enter the online class] which suits your memory, but should not be very easy for gut instinct. Type any word with numbers or capitalized letters as your password and re-type the same words under the title ‘PASSWORD AGAIN’. Note down the password you typed somewhere so that it is not forgotten.

Step 10: Ignore the next title ‘SELECT YOUR AUDITORY’ and just click the caption ‘REGISTER’. You will notice a statement appearing below informing you that you have been successful and read instructions in your email.. If the statement says that you are not successful, you may repeat the procedure, but after refreshing the page. An obstacle may occur if you have made a typing error or repeated a name for ‘Login’.

Step 11: Once you receive the indication by a statement below this grey table, that you have created the account successfully, you now have to log in your email and check its inbox, for the mail sent by the school, to verify your account. Click that email, then open and click the link (web address mentioned there) or simply follow the instructions to verify your account. Instructions and complication vary with different accounts hence be calm to understand.

Step 12: [very important] Provide/share your email address you have used for creating this account with the academic coordinator so that she adds you as a student to website. [The email you intend to create an account with, can be provided to the school earlier too but not later than 28th August 2020. The email used for creating an account can be sent by mail at the school’s email address mentioned on Page 1 of this document.

Step 13: Return back to the school’s website, above the school’s logo and name, there is a panel/narrow strip, where you can see ‘LOGIN/REGISTER’ written, click it. [log in can be noticed elsewhere on the webpage too]

Step 14: You will see the same page appear where you had typed information to create your account. This time you have to fill in information in the blue table at the left.

Step 15: Type the name you typed for ‘login’ which was supposed to be the full name of your child, under the title ‘USER NAME’ and the password you typed and noted, under the title ‘PASSWORD’.

Step 16: Click the little square beside the caption ‘REMEMBER ME’ and click the caption ‘LOGIN’.

Step 17: After clicking on ‘login’, a new page/screen will appear, that will have the ‘User name’ you typed written with a welcoming word, as a caption at the right. You have to right-click your/child’s name and will see two captions appear below, one is ‘Account’, the other is ‘log out’.

Step 18: You have to click the caption ‘Account’ , a new page will open , you have scroll down on that page till the bottom of the page to the final panel/section and to the left notice the caption ‘Home’.

Step 19: Below ‘home’ you will see the caption ‘My courses’

Step 20: You need to select the ‘class’ of your child, the class title will appear there BUT ONCE THE ACADEMIC COORDINATOR ADDS YOU AS A STUDENT. {Adding a student is just done once and doesn’t need to be done again and again. The next time you log in the class title will be already visible on this specific page) Click on the caption ‘Start Course’ which you will see below the class title.

Step 21: The new page will have the caption of the class above in a smaller size and the subject/topic name in blue, click it. [the second caption]

Step 22: Now a new tab of your browser (a fresh loading page opening at the right-side) This page will have the concerned class title mentioned such as ‘Kindergarten’ or ‘Class two’ and below it you will notion the caption-button called ‘JOIN’.
Step 23: Click ‘JOIN’ to enter the virtual classroom/session.


3. Refer the guidelines/instructions from the tutorial that will be mailed, if there is still some feature or step vague. You may even consult the Academic coordinator for help.

4. Once the child joins the session, he/she takes permission to join the class [may I enter] and greets audibly to make his/her teacher aware of his/her presence, the teacher will respond to each child with his/her name that will verify the interaction of the student and teacher over the interface.

5. If any parent is unable to join the session or access the classroom, they should immediately contact the school on 03232397796 or 02135895932.

6. Punctuality has to be maintained by the parent/child [if a student joins the class 15 minutes after the session starts, he/she shall not be allowed. The teacher will remove unpunctual students by her access control tools. In case of emergencies the parent should contact the school office before hand]

Environmental requirements

  1. The equipments for the classroom should be arranged in a well-ventilated room with sufficient light.
  2. The equipments should be placed in such a position that when the child is facing them his/her face is clearly visible to the teacher. He/she should be seated near the light.
  3. The lights in the room should be bright but not flashy.
  4. The environment should be safe. There should not be hazardous equipments/objects around. Such as uncovered wires or switches. Carelessness in this regard can lead to the accidents, God forbid!
  5. A working corner should be arranged for the child, a table and a chair should be arranged in that comer, if he/she is sitting on the ground then he/she should be sitting in an upright position with his/her legs crossed.
  6. There should not be any object/person around during the class to distract the child.
  7. There should be complete silence in the environment, [the room where the child is sitting] any noise from the surroundings shall cause disturbance in hearing/understanding the instructress.


  1. The electronic equipments can cause electrocution, if mishandled hence the parents should be cautious enough not to allow the child to touch the wire, extension boards, sockets etc.
  2. The child should maintain a distance of 30 inches (not less), at least from the screen to avoid damage to the eyes.
  3. The radio waves of the screen affect the metabolism of every child differently.
  4. The quality of sound can be poor if there is a lot of background noise. A Bluetooth speaker is recommended for listening the audio instead of the headphones set.
  5. The user name, password and email address should be typed very attentively. A single mistake or missed symbol or letter will obstruct your access to the account you created on the website.
  6. If sometimes you are unable to log in, enter the virtual classroom or due to technical discrepancy, an interruption occurs whilst you are in the middle of the session with the student and your child has suffered missing the session, you should contact the school office for help, or to inform but there is uncertainty whether you will be able to return to the virtual class right away or during that session as this depends upon the subtext of disruption. The class cannot be paused or distracted due to the problems of one student however, solutions can be sought by coordinating with the office later.

Terms to abide

  1. There should not be any third person seen on the screen except the mother and the child.
  2. Only the female parent (the mother) is allowed to sit with the child.
  3. If the mother has any query regarding the academic instructions given during the classes then the respected mother should not cause an interruption at that time but should note down the questions to be asked and then call the school later on for support.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to record the audio/video of the classes by any means as it is a violation to record content without permission by cyber law from a website that doesn’t grant such an access. Such an infraction will be taken as transgress and may have the child expelled from the online sessions.


The school administration, academic proctor and practitioners intend and shall endeavour to painstakingly implement all the pertinent responsibilities to enable virtual learning sessions be productive and conducive for the pupils but as most incorporations are dependent on mechanics, supply and satellite, the institution shall not be taken culpable for any academic instability or loss due to technical misery, especially at the parental end.