Salient Features

  1. Complete English-oriented environment.

The entire entourage communicates in English Language irrespective of the students’ physical presence. Each staff member is trained to apply words of courtesy in speech, and practice the English medium in the environment. Linguistic etiquette is enforced efficaciously and is the onus of every staffer be it the gate keeper, peon, caretakers, lower administrative, skeleton, pedagogic, official or capital administrative staff. All are thoroughly well-versed maintain verbalizations, whether instructions, stipulations, exchange or tutelage in English language with each other. Practising what is being preached is our muse and by incorporation to the core, the young minds will effortless imbibe the medium of English which is the fount for academic and professional furtherance at large.

  1. Focus on character building.

We consider it to be our momentous moral obligation to make each student realize the importance of  ‘character’ and not only acquaint them with the required morale to be upright and virtuous but to direct, explain and prompt them to implement the pros and cons of morals, rectitude and social decorum. Instilling the practice of principles, steps and statutes in the social and academic interactions of the pupils is integrated officiously every now and then as virtues, culture and religion (not-generalized) is to be a part and parcel of every execution and only then adult can expect its influence on the child.

  1. Learning through motivation and counselling.

Our pedagogic faculty under the incessant supervision of the academic coordinator and capital administration vouch for making the subjects or treatises being taught interesting enough to capture the pupil’s attention. Our academic contribution isn’t just in contiguity our text books thereby interexchange of ideas and experiences is a vital ingredient of our academic sessions to enthuse the pupils and enhance their confidence. The fundamentals of the topic are amalgamated with a zealous and innovative teaching style that indirectly insinuates motivation. Just repeatedly exhorting a child ‘to pay attention’, ‘to do flawless work’, ‘to converse in English’, ‘to be audible’ or ‘to behave well’ is more than insufficient from the perspective of a passionate educationist…. And this is our manifesto, to educe the obvious and latent, both potentials of each child not just by instructions but by practice and strife to instill the expected knowledge, skills and awareness in the child. Pupils are encouraged to be expressive and discuss their inconveniences ensued by tutelage and guidance to solve their social and academic problems because academics are widely influenced by the social vagaries.

  1. Focus on enhancement of linguistic skills.

English language holds a superlative status where languages are concerned, in most parts of the globe just because of its continental value. The medium of English is mandatory for social, professional and educational progress hence our environment with its disciplines are based on the rationale to orient and habituate the child with the language as the more a child listens and is pursued to communicate, linguistic amelioration thrives. A language grasped effortlessly becomes intrinsic and in order to acquire a fluent and articulate speech in English, the entire affiliate is habitual to intone every statement in English so that the child isn’t restricted to its application and treats it like a subject rather than a language. The child is directed to apply vocabulary and phrases in English since the level of Reception which steadily develops and reaches the accomplishment of a command over the language. The national language too isn’t undermined instead Urdu is integrated with English by mode of translation and refinement in the Urdu medium. Slang, colloquial terms aren’t allowed and are promptly but gently discouraged with reason. Urdu is too treated as a language but the child is guided and regularly prompted to speak the national language without intrusion of another medium as if often noticed. This embellishes their knowledge of Urdu as well as a secondary language but a consecrate one.

  1. Emphasis on civil and civic development.

We expect our pupils to be spruce, disciplined and environmental-friendly and endeavor to obtain the deriguer conduct by our actions and in-house implementations. Cleanliness, cooperation, etiquettes and patience are the virtues enforced by tutelage and practice of the entire faculty. Academics and social exchange with décor promotes decorous beings; the motto of believers of order, as discipline makes a virtuous man. Practice of grace and courtesy through expression and body language is not compromised at all and is ensured for all levels by inculcating love and respect for the surroundings and the environment.

  1. Development of cognitive and creative skills.

Creation is a right bestowed to every being as an endowment of God, the senses and channelizing the thoughts with realistic, imaginative and factual cerebration in view of culture and ethics. Our pedagogic practitioners are trained to raise the child’s analytical mind through variant co-curricular, curricular and linguistic engagements, enabling them reveal their unidentified potentials and dormant talents. Comprehension has a vast range and students at Master Trainers’ are provided thought-provoking treatises and opportunities to ponder and assess all aspects, results and consequences of any experience that is transferred as an academic opus, thereafter. Students are pursued to form opinions, create questions, compose after their tender minds are developed to understand guidelines and happenings around at the incipient levels.

  1. Exclusive security and vigilance is operated.

Our profound security system is a significant feature of our ministration. We prioritize the safety of our entourage and our pupils hence our sound security system is equipped with CCTV cameras and security van for patrolling the surroundings to ensure maximum protection.

Vigilance and caution are exercised not only during the school hours but exclusively at arrival and dismissal timings of the pupils. The dismissal of the pupils is scheduled at different timings to avoid crowd and chaos at the gate which can lead to unfavourable situations. A strict SOP is followed by the school and parents at dismissal time to avoid hazards.  Security cards are especially prepared yearly for this purpose (with the relevant instructions mentioned at the back) which authorizes the holder to collect the child. The children are sent home at dismissal time against this security card under the strict supervision of a member holding the designation of an office bearer only. Any member from the child’s family/relatives etc, whom the school does not recognize, is not permitted to collect the child at dismissal time. The school austerely incorporates the policies regarding the security of the pupils and does not bargain on them even in exigent circumstances.

  1. Symposiums and interactive sessions for parents.

Our school’s paramount objective is to head towards a constructive society. In order to fulfill this objective, we are not only emphasizing on training the children holistically but exclusive symposiums are organized to direct, tutor or instruct the parents so that they incorporate the awareness and principles for the moral and academic welfare of their child and a progressive environment, domestically too. Enhancing the quality of ambiances where the child is present whether school or home, will stabilize the child’s acquisitions and will imbue him with social parity.  Parental counseling and training sessions are also conducted to enable the parents to cogitate their responsibility as an adult towards the learners and to independently innovate modes of instructions with sagacity for the pupils. Parents, especially mothers are convened for sessions to facilitate them in comprehending our vision and methodologies. The academic coordinator and entire administration too exhibits readiness and cooperation to offer academic support to parents who face difficulty in understanding academic content or assignments. We believe that synergized endeavour of the parents and the school is a fundamental requisite for the child’s exhaustive growth.

  1. Discouragement of corporeal punishment.

The language of love can be more effective than the language of rod. Using a rod ought to cultivate pains and bruises which isn’t endorsed by our perspective. It shouldn’t be mistaken as absence of principles or latitude to the objectionable or undisciplined acts of the pupils. The pupils are trained with an interaction of care and sensations to create discrimination between constructive and destructive acts by understanding and acceptance. No staff member is sanctioned the allowance to physically be violent with the child instead we foster artfully designed ways of admonition such as a distracted child is made the assist of the teacher to stay under her nose all the time.

  1. Inculcation of décor and discipline.

Order brings peace whereas disorder creates commotion and panic and mishaps may occur owing to wrong placement and clumsiness. The students are imparted this realization effusively, by demonstration and practice as how to maintain uniformity, self-organization and composure of body language and movements. Our curriculum is appended with techniques and modules impassioned to make the child acknowledge and instill décor in his/her deportment and conduct. The student shall palpably adopt the decorum and shall mind their P’s and Q’s in coherence with the exhibition of the environment.

  1. School lesson plans:

Our lesson planning is another productive feature of our curriculum. The academic lessons are formulated by not only referring the text books prescribed for each class but exclusive planning is done by the teachers to fulfill the academic needs of each level.  The school has composed its own notes which are taught to the children apart from the selective study of the text books. A topic is elaborated comprehensively to help the child to explore its manifold features with an absolute emphasis on moral, linguistic, social and cognitive refinement of the learner. This explanation is further supplemented with miscellaneous, verbal and written exercises with reference to each topic taught to evaluate the student’s understanding and practical implementation of the topic.